NIKITA visualizes on nurturing children into knowledgeable and respectable individuals with proficient communication and high self-esteem, helping them to be morale and broad-minded, so as to emerge as constructive social contributors inspiring the world with their intellectual, cultural, aesthetic and physical values.

Name : Vaageswari.B
Class : GRADE IV - B
Name : Pala.Adithyan
Class : 4 - B
When challenges grow in Magnitude, there is only one tool to break through all barriers - Quality Education. Quality is not merely in developing a child academically but goes beyond that and involves the nurturing of the child into a better individual both morally and intellectually. This is what NIKITA offers to its budding young generation.
  • Name :
      Class  : UKG - B
      Rank   : 1
  • Name : Abhinav.P.A
      Class  : GRADE II - A
      Rank   : 1
  • Name : Deepin.M
      Class  : IX - A
      Rank   : 1

  • To Cater to every single educational need of each child.
  • To Offer every amenity in the campus in which every child gets an opportunity to excel.
  • To Develop their creative skills.
  • To Establish and foster a culture of understanding amidst students, staff and parents.
  • To Take students down the path towards human excellence.
  • To Prepare them to meet the world and future with a positive approach.

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    Nikita school having all facilities to grow the children's with good qualitie..."

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    I need information regarding my child s admission for hostel .


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    school view is very nice. we would liketo join there.


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